Why Belly Bands Work As a Great Addition to Your Maternity Wardrobe

Contemplating what to wear when you are expecting can be daunting as your body changes quickly in the nine month period. Maternity clothing has come a long way in the past 10 years and now you can find maternity or pregnancy clothes that are quite fashion forward. There also is a misconception that maternity clothes are not cheap, where in fact they have also become more affordable in past years. Belly bands are a great solution to prolonging the life of your wardrobe and giving an expecting woman more options.

This article serves to give expecting moms an option and addition to their maternity wardrobe by evaluating a product called a “belly band”. Belly bands are a fairly new product on the market, appearing in most major stores in only the past few years. These bands come in a variety of colors, some even with prints such as leopard print. They are made to either hide under your maternity top or poke out a bit on the bottom if you are wearing a non-maternity top that may not fully cover your pregnant belly.

Belly bands are slipped on by pulling them up over your legs, since this is easier than pulling over your expanding mid section. The part that makes this product unique is that you can wear your pre-pregnancy jeans or pants under these bands. Because most women cannot button their bottoms after a certain point in their pregnancy or it is not comfortable to do so, belly bands hide the unbuttoned part. They also hold the bottoms in place so that they can be comfortably worn without falling down.

There are a variety of brands to choose from now that make similar products. The prices range from $16 to $50 and also range in colors and prints. In examining the different makers or brands there doesn’t seem to be much difference in quality or material. It depends on how much you want to spend and if one color or print appeals more to your wardrobe. Nude seems to be the best color for women who want to hide their belly band underneath a maternity top. It is barely noticeable, whereas a pink or purple could be used as an accent under a shirt as they stand out.

Belly bands are recommended as a valuable addition to any expecting woman’s maternity or pregnancy wardrobe as a affordable, cheap way to extend the life of pre-pregnancy pants.