Maternity Belly Bands – Daring, Dazzling Rescue From Fashion Purgatory

Maternity belly bands indefinitely postpone your need to give-up your cute pre-pregnancy outfits for somewhat less than glamorous maternity wear.

You can admit it. Every mother perfectly understands and identifies with your confession. Maternity clothes just are not and never can become flattering, attractive, or genuinely cute. Despite designers’ good intentions and valiant efforts, clothing never can show off the natural grace and beauty of a woman’s expectant body. Moreover, most ready-to-wear designers inevitably assume you want to cover-up rather than show-off your pleasant portliness. You may describe your maternity top as “just another baby doll with a slightly larger circumference at the bottom,” but you know you are only fooling yourself. You may describe your maternity jeans as “just like the regular ones, except they have more than the usual 2% Lycra,” but you know you are lying. Given your choice, of course, you prefer to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes. Your maternity belly bands make that possible.

Through your first trimester, you can continue wearing your regular clothes. In fact, during the first six or seven weeks of their pregnancies, many women lose a little bit of weight because morning sickness and constant queasiness take their toll. As you advance into the second trimester, however, “those cravings” develop. You and the baby love food more than you ever imagined you could, so you and the baby expand. Although you do not want to give-up all your cute clothes, you no longer can squeeze into most of them.

Maternity Belly Bands Score the Second Trimester Save
At the middle of your second trimester, you slip into fashion purgatory-a desperate in-between stage in which your regular clothes have grown tight and uncomfortable, but you really are still too small for maternity clothes. You feel you must choose between choking and drowning. Maternity belly bands to the rescue.

With careful attention to diet and fitness, you should have gained no more than ten or fifteen pounds by the middle of your second trimester. You gain that much during a standard Thanksgiving weekend, and pretty much the same solution applies. Maternity belly bands allow you to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy tops and jeans, leaving your jeans unfastened, and covering the little gap between them and your blouse. Because maternity belly bands come in standard and high-fashion colors, you tastefully can coordinate them with everything. And because your belly bands also come in fashion prints, you can create great layered looks, proving your fashion sense remains alive and thriving even during your pregnancy.