Exciting New Female Pop Music Artists – Where to Find Them First

Although we should be seeing great new male artists popping up here and there, and boyband fans will always remain boyband fans, from where I’m looking, female music artists are destined for both topping charts and pushing the boundaries of pop music this year!

Take a look at the scene for female music artists right now – the likes of Taylor swift, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, all solo females, completely eclipsing any group or male act, and delivering some of the edgiest and punchiest new pop music around.

But who to watch for hot new songs?

A queue of other talented female pop music artists are ready to take the stage in 2010 – you will have heard vibrant and fun tracks from Ke$ha, whilst the well known first ladies of pop are dominating peoples playlists once again.

Can anyone honestly tell me they didn’t like Beyonce’s completely new image, and the way feisty alter-ego Sasha Fierce really came through in her music?

Madonna has once again taken the pop world by storm, increasing the attention on female pop music artists by pairing forces with the infamous Britney – who is said to be releasing some new material this March!

So – you’ve been watching and listening to the proof for a little while now – female pop music artists are the ones to keep your eye on if you want to be the first to hear brand new pop music.

But if you’re a real pop lover, and want to support the ladies in climbing up the music charts, why not go a little bit further to make sure you’re the first person in the know about who the next female music artists at the top will be before they even get there – use what is infront of you, the internet!

How do I get my hands on their albums first?

A simple Google search for new female pop music artists, or a browse around Myspace is all that’s required for you to discover, listen to – and even contact – exciting new up and coming talent in the pop industry.

This is a great way to do it, and my personal favourite – purely because when your friends are listening to their songs on the radio, you will have already had a few personal chats with the new favourite female. Trust me, it’s a good feeling!

There’s one tricky side to this – because there is such a vast amount to look through, and so many tracks to listen to, it can be quite hard to stumble on some real, quality stuff from new female music artists you instantly fall in love with without spending quite a bit of time trawling through the rest. But once you know where you should be clicking, it’s worth it.

The great thing is, a lot of newer less well known new female artists are more than happy to share their songs with you and even talk to you direct about the latest goings on, gigs, and release dates.

Plus, you can more often than not get your hands on some free prerelease material in the form of a track sent in an email, or downloadable through most new female music artists’ personal sites!

That’s right, they personally give you exclusive prerelease material just for being nice.