Belly Bands for Pregnant Women

Belly bands for pregnant women are garments that are specifically made to function as comfortable and versatile maternity wear, and are easily found in retail stores and online. The clothing is usually contains materials that are elastic and forgiving, such as Lycra and spandex. Combined with soft fabrics such as nylon and cotton, they form extremely flexible garments that feel almost like a second skin.

You can typically find shirts, skirts, and leggings in these clothing lines. When worn with pregnancy bands, the clothing provides incredible control and support for the pregnant woman’s ever-growing and changing body. Furthermore, belly band for pregnant women comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to coordinate with other outfits.

Of the clothing that is offered in this genre, belly bands are by far the most popular, because they can provide many different functions that other maternity pieces simply cannot. And typically, they vary in price from around $15-$25. Because they are so affordable, women offer get multiple bands in different color and patterns, so they can be worn visibly. For example, as the pregnant woman’s belly grows, she may find that her pre-pregnancy blouses become too short, and her belly may begin to stick out from beneath them. Belly bands pregnancy bands can over coverage in this situation, as well as belly control.

Another function of belly bands or pregnancy bands is their ability to function as belts, holding up pre-pregnancy pants that must remain unbuttoned to allow room for the woman’s belly. Similarly, they can be used with maternity pants AFTER childbirth, as they are likely too big and would otherwise fall down. During this time, some women wear them as tube tops for nursing. They add extra coverage and flexibility in situations where the woman needs to breastfeed in public places. Finally, they continue to provide light control around the waist and tummy, as the woman slowly transitions back to her previous figure.

Belly band for pregnant women has become increasingly popular over the last few year due to its affordability and versatility. And because the clothing can often be worn after pregnancy, women feel good that they are not simply purchasing something that has a short, limited lifespan.

Many hang on to their bands and other clothing so it can be worn during the next pregnancy, or hand it down to a sister or a friend who gets pregnant later. This is especially true of belly band pregnancy bands, as they are very durable (with proper treatment) and can fit a wide range of sizes.