Belly Bands for Pregnancy

Belly bands are clothing designed to be worn while pregnant. They are comfortable, flexible garments made of soft and elastic materials such as spandex, Lycra, nylon, and organic cotton. Several different pieces are available, so that it is easy to make complete coordinating fashionable outfits. You can find shirts in tank and camisole styles, as well as leggings, skirts, and of course, the flag star product, belly bands.

Pregnancy bands are form-fitting tube-like support bands that sit around the pregnant woman’s waist, providing support for her back and control for her tummy. Belly bands can be worn beneath other belly band pregnancy garments, but are also attractive enough to remain visible.

You can purchase this type of maternity clothing online or in retail stores. There are many different manufacturers, each offering a different selection of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles. Some offer mostly neutral colors, so they are particularly easy to mix and match. Others go with more vibrant and unique colors, for women who want to stand out and have a little fun with their maternity wardrobe. Some offer different sizes as well, so before you purchase, make sure you check the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure a proper fit.

Some women prefer to limit their maternity wardrobe to just belly bands pregnancy belts, for reasons due to cost. The bands themselves are quite affordable ($15-$25 typically) and can save the pregnant woman money in other ways.

When worn as a belt, these bands can extend the life of pre-pregnancy pants and jeans, covering the unbuttoned fly and holding them up, when otherwise they would be too small to close over her belly. For women who do not gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, this one article alone can save her hundreds of dollars in maternity wear.

Overall, belly bands for pregnancy are very versatile garments that can make the pregnant woman’s life much easier and more comfortable during her pregnancy. When worn with bands, outfits offer extra support and control for her growing belly. And because the bands stretch and are self-adjusting, they can usually be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

They lift the belly and relieve lower back pressure. Furthermore, fabrics used are extremely durable, and if treated with care, can be worn or handed down to others through multiple pregnancies. For these reasons, belly band pregnancy garments have become indispensable for many pregnant women.