Belly Band Support

Belly band support garments are, as the name would imply, bands of flexible material that are used to support a pregnant woman’s belly. In addition, they provide lower back support and relieve pain and pressure by redistributing uneven weight. They also help with balance and posture, a great benefit for those women who find it difficult to get around, especially during late pregnancy. Currently, they can found in a number of colors and patterns, so they can be used in conjunction with other stylish maternity clothing or even pre-pregnancy garments.

Many women end up purchasing multiple belly support bands due to their low cost and versatile uses. The average band costs around $20 or so, but can sometimes be found on sale for less. Also, because the material is so durable, they may borrow or be given used bands from friends and relatives. And since many women find it useful to wear their bands on the outside of clothing, having several in different colors is handy to coordinate with existing outfits. For example, if a woman wants to wear a blouse that has grown increasingly short due to her expanding belly, she can wear a band beneath it for coverage and control. She can chose a color that compliments or contrasts her outfit, depending on whether she feels like being subtle or vibrant.

There is also other belly support clothing available, such as skirts, leggings, and blouses. They can be worn with the belly band for extra comfort and control, or alone if desired. They are usually made of the same materials as belly bands, making use of soft, flexible fabric blends such as cotton or nylon mixed with spandex or Lycra. All clothing is meant to stretch and conform to the woman’s body as she grows.

Over the last few years, belly support garments have become very popular among pregnant women of all ages and sizes, due to their comfort and multiple functions before and after pregnancy. After pregnancy? Yes! One of the great benefits of these bands is that they can be worn postpartum, as belts to hold up maternity pants, or as tops to provide extra coverage during nursing. And because they are conforming, the correct size will also render light control over the weeks or months that it takes the woman to transition back to her pre-pregnancy figure. Belly band support clothing has quickly become a staple of pregnant women’s wardrobes everywhere.